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hello my name is miki the tomato prince that draws. i like them animes and mangas amongst other stuff. Pls check about for more. ☆

every time my counselor asks me if there’s someone at school bullying me or if i don’t like a teacher or something— just a something that’s keeping me from coming to school i just

ha hah ha i freakin’ wish

half of all my problems are the cause of my mother’s doing, though i wouldn’t dare say it to her i’d just get deeper into this big shit i’m in already

thankfully the other half isn’t so difficult to solve 

i’ve never been the type that cares a whole lot about what other people thought of me, and my mom knows that because she would always try to get me to do things that were considered more “appropriate for a girl of my age”

and she always said “what will the other girls think of you?” and i don’t remember ever caring 

i really wish she would just let me be 

i know her mom never bought her the clothes she wanted or that she never had enough money to look the way she wanted to but god woman don’t try to be you via me

my sister’s the girly type and she spoils her rotten so i don’t see why she keeps trying to make me something i don’t want to be????

i just feel a lot more comfortable with my “tomboy” ,as she calls it, apparel 

i don’t like to get dressed up 

i don’t care if my nails aren’t decorated 

i don’t care if you think my hair is too short for a girl 


god jesus woman just back off for a bit

i really didn’t mind putting up with all this shit before but it’s getting worse and worse by the day and i’m really sick of it i really want to get out of this house you have no idea

plus then she starts telling me “just because you’re lesbian doesn’t mean you have to be a dyke”

i wish she’d know what she was talking about before spitting shit out she says it like me liking girls is some kind of mental disorder i have sometimes 

"its because you miss your dad" well fucking duh i miss my dad and he was a great man but??? i just dont find the males attractive sexually or romantically????? SIGH i just can’t satisfy her or get along with her 

it’s honestly best for everyone if i moved out as soon as i could 

well— no, my sister would probably throw a fit, but she should learn how to do big kid stuff already, she’s not six anymore.

i don’t know why i’m talking about this

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